An Open Letter to our Wednesday Night Volunteers

To our Wednesday Night crew,

I just wanted to write you all a note to tell you thank you. I appreciate what you do for our Elementary and Middle School students on Wednesday nights.

I don’t know about you, but last night I went home tired, frustrated, and convicted.


I was tired because Wednesdays are long days. For those of you who are teachers and moms, I recognize the sacrifice it is to come to church on Wednesday night, after working all day, in order to take care of and teach even more children! To our cooks, I see how much work and planning goes into preparing each meal – not to mention cleaning up the mess afterward! Wednesdays are exhausting! Do I hear an Amen?

And I was frustrated because it doesn’t seem to matter how well I plan my lesson – something always seems to go wrong. The kids won’t listen, they won’t be quiet, they makes messes, they get off-topic, they try to run off, they all ask to go to bathroom at the same time, they throw things, they get distracted, they refuse to participate, they are impolite, the list goes on… Do I hear an Amen?

But even worse than that, I know their stories. I know why they act up. I know how hard many of them have it at home – runaway dads, drugs, poverty. And I feel powerless to change any of that, and it’s frustrating. I hate what these kids have to go through on a daily basis and I wish I knew how to help them. Do I hear an Amen?

But I also went home convicted last night. Because in the midst of my tiredness and frustration, I know that these young people are exactly who Jesus would be spending his time with if he lived in Winters, Texas. They are the “least of these” (Matt. 25:31-46). These young people are the reason God established the Church, they are what we are here for. The 1st century Church rescued unwanted babies and took care of people during plagues. The 19th century Church took in runaway slaves. The 20th century Church hid Jews in their attics. They each did the hard thing that Jesus would have done, too. Because that’s what the Church does. The truth is: real ministry is ALWAYS tiring and frustrating (and sometimes a little scary). And because of that, my prayer today is not that our Wednesday nights becomes easier or less frustrating (though that would be nice!). My prayer this morning is that God would help my ministry to these young people become more and more like Jesus. Ultimately, that’s really what I want, and what they really need. How about you? Do I hear an Amen?

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3 Responses to An Open Letter to our Wednesday Night Volunteers

  1. Bettye Pinkerton says:

    David~though I do not help with Wednesday nights there was a time when I was there nearly every time.This has been going on for years and it is very frustrating for you I am sure.Jesus would be displeased I am sure to these little ones acting like heatherns.You and I know it stems from the BRINGING UP these children are getting.Perhaps if you had a man to sit in each time it might help.Will be praying about this situation. Seems to be have to keep trying.Blesses to you for your habgu=ings there~ Bettye

  2. Bettye Pinkerton says:

    Sorry for the Mistakes~if you can not figure it out call me!!

  3. LaDarius says:

    Truth!! I know many ministers who can relate to this. Children’s, youth and Pastors. Thanks for sharing brother!

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