How to be a Christian in the Workplace

“If you are to shape your world in following Christ, it is not enough to say that being Christian and being a professional or an academic (to address these worlds particularly for the moment) is about high moral standards, using every opportunity to talk to people about Jesus, praying for or with your students, being fair in your grading and honest in your speaking. All that is vital and necessary, but you are called to something much, much more. You are called, prayerfully, to discern where in your discipline the human project is showing signs of exile and humbly and boldly to act symbolically in ways that declare that the powers have been defeated, that the kingdom has come in Jesus the Jewish Messiah, that the new way of being human has been unveiled, and to be prepared to tell the story that explains what these symbols are all about… When Paul spoke of the gospel, he was not talking primarily about a system of salvation but about the annoncement, in symbol and word, that Jesus is the true Lord of the world, the true light of the world.” pg. 186-87 N.T. Wright, The Challenge of Jesus 

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